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Does your car need a wheel or frame alignment? Have a custom hot rod that is in need of restoration? Call our car care experts today! 763-755-4460

Wheel Alignments

Have you gotten a new suspension system or tires lately? Driven over rough roads? Noticed your car is pulling to the left or right? Sounds like it’s time to get your tires aligned. Our technicians will use manual alignment gauges to get your car aligned quickly and accurately. No matter how tricky the vehicle – close wheel wells, RVs, and limousines – our technicians can accurately determine how to align your tires. Come see us, and you’ll be experiencing a smooth ride in no time. Call us today to schedule an appointment today! 763-755-4460

Steering and Suspension

Is your car or truck riding rough? Does the steering seem not quite right? Come down to see us today! We will diagnose your suspension and steering issues and get you back on the road fast at an affordable price. From shocks to struts to customized suspension, we do it all. Call today and schedule an appointment!

Brakes and Tires

Is your low brake pad indicator squealing? And is your brake pedal pulsating while applying the brakes? At Andover Wheel & Frame Alignment, we are your destination when it comes to your brakes. Our experienced mechanics will install the right brakes or tires for your vehicle and get you back on the road safely in no time. Call us today!

frame alignment

Frame Straightening

Been in a collision? Does your car feel a little off, but you’re not certain what’s causing it? Your frame might be bent. At Andover Wheel & Frame Alignment, our technicians can diagnose frame and suspension damage. We’re able to repair that damage and get your vehicle driving right. Call us today at 763-755-4460 for an estimate and get your frame back on the straight and narrow!


hot rod restoration

Have a specialty vehicle that needs some TLC? Andover Wheel & Frame Alignment is the best repair shop for you. We’ll put our years of expertise into restoring your car’s sheet metal, suspension, and custom exhaust. Have a custom ride that is challenging to work on? Our drive on racks allows us to work on your vehicle, no matter how low it rides. Come on in, and let us turn your project into the envy of all your friends. Call us at 763-755-4460 to learn more!

Stock and Custom Exhaust

Does your car need a new exhaust system? Is it really loud? We are the exhaust experts. We can fix your exhaust fast. Our exhaust specialists can fix exhaust systems on all makes and models. We even work on and install custom exhaust. Whether you have a 2016 Honda or a mid-sixties muscle car, count on us to get you the right exhaust system for your car. Call us today!


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